Imaginary Love

by Mark

I write shitty love Poems.
To imaginary people I
Populate my brain with.
Some act like Disney Princess
Others act like
Murdering tattooed covered Disney Princess.
Out of all these pretend lovers
either taking blissful adventures
where sex is magic
Chopping my limbs for a
Slightly salted Consommé:
they all have your fuckin face.
No matter how
Creatively constructed her character
My imagination may only view your face.
Every time it’s the contour
of your nose, eyes, and lips
These characters meet me with.
Ongoing practical jokes of
The muses not letting me breathe
Your shit out
Cleansing my line of Chakras.
But mind can’t let you go
Because my heart
Loves you eternally no matter the pain.

Mark J Blu