by Mark

You seem un-well.
Take some clozapine and olazpine
To bring you back to normalcy:
Controlled contact,curbed creativity
Reflecting reformed regulations society prescribes.

You misunderstand
I enjoy my random outbreaks of uncertainty
unnerveing my cortex from the stem of society 
singing the sinful praises of irregularly action
Adding to the character that is me.

But sir you’re un-well!
Your actions cylinder in shape
Divorcing you from nuclear family.
Isolated idealistic initiatives
Tear through our skirts and ties.

Un-well is created connotation
Constricting the free movement of ideas
because those who stand
sided by sided
line by line
are easier to lie too
while placed  neatly in a box.
Beckoning mortals in awe of Gods.

Because sir,
Taking your pills, pilfer  minds domain
Freezing it with yesterdays supper till
Engulfed by freezer burn. sitting stagnant
In chiasms of DMV lines.

I am not hear to change your person
Just pin your veins to stems of society. Socializing them within the matrix of
Rational doctrine delivering your mind
To optimum performance.

Their isn’t one rode to perfection Doc.
Interlocking rodes leading every which way. Wandering in childlike amazement
Slicing through forests, stareing at skies,
While just lying down soaking illumination.
Till fires go to your eyes, kindling inside
To peace and creativity.
So no, normalcy is not where I go sir;
searching, schooling,  surrendering to my wants
my psychosis.

-Mark J.