The Jar

by Mark

An older poem i wrote with a few lines from poems written by Frank O’Hara

The white chocolate jar full of petals
Peers back,saluting back, till tea time.
Triggering hallucinating hysteria
Heaving through glass ceilings
Feeding, slithering by
Exposing opaque clarity.

Moonstruck by misery, merged
Effortlessly by signed on
It touches where you enjoy
Vaulting over
Those olive  knolls.


Standing in the bath tub crying.
Cringing back at hands
Enveloped by sanguine,
Sensually crafted; Not
by the hand that holds the pen
but, the face of the jar.

It gleams cheerfully astern
With dreary eyes, 
Forcing words to mix
With ink and skin
Staring down, at your
wounded splendor.

What has been created?

Clashed over cranial canvas,
Preaching at the edge
Observing what lies below.
Kisses of butter
Sprinkled on your skin
Sinking in.

Ruffling through remanence
Reminiscing battered formations
Burning in your nostrils, Turpentine,
Plastered peacefully across,
No aesthetic nature in mind,
Yet it splits your nails clear off.