Greatest Jew

by Mark

When it gets close to passover, I tend to watch The 10 Commandments a few times. After watching it a while back I had the idea for this fun little poem.

“Who is the greatest Jew?”
Easy, Charlton Heston.
He lit screens, scoring
Where he went, as
Lenses lament at his
Absent steps.
“Wait, he was a Jew?”
“You off your pills?”
He plundered from
Egypt. Setting prolific
Prophecies for us to
Pass over.   

Magnetized a river in two
Tumbling down thwarted
God King.
Rumbled with Romans
’til lived as roman.
Charging chariots
Cringing metal on birch
Splintering sovereign
Spectators back one.
Drank with Joshua
And Jesus.
Prince of Jerusalem
King of the Jews,
Judah, slave twice
Part of  A Golden Age.
MGM was Paramount
In cuts. Dialogue
And color edited
A bit after 
Georges Méliès.
Making our stories
His-stories, strolling
Ever so long.

“You  know
He ain’t

By him