by Mark

This is the 1st poem I ever shared with anyone.  I wrote it five years ago as a class assignment and was required to read it in front of everyone.  I was nervous and worried it wouldn’t be good enough, I taught that about all my poems.  But,  it received decent comments, and I kept writing,  though didn’t share another poem with people for two years after this one.  Hope I’ve improved since this, but I doubt it.

Rain drops hit,  
splash off like starbursts ; 
tumbling down from eyebrow to lip, 
hang on me like slugs to a wall, 
yet I stay dry. 
The world around is wet 
Covered in tear drops, 
dew and moisture shelter all 
yet I’m straight from the dryer, 
no water on me. 
Must be a miracle!
Like Jesus walking on water 
to stay dry in this rain; 
so, you would think…  
Walking in a world being absent; 
of that one thing that unites, 
the people around. 
To frightful to ask; 
while the brave are covered in water. 
 I stay away and walk through water world, 
dry as Arabian sand . 
Cover me in water! 
From hair to toes back up into my soul, 
I beg and plead like a French gypsy. 
Pray for it like it’s my last will and right 
No last minute pardon for me. 
I’m meant to stay dry 
from these drops of rain, 
because I did not pass through those gates, 
that all have passed, 
fear took over so, 
no rain for me.