Her way

by Mark

She asked for the razor blade
Bright and glaring it sung sharply
As she slit his tongue straight:
like veins of the wrist because
She wants him to lick her lap
Lizard like with two splits.
He willing crawled dripping
Drops; wine stains on carpet.
Their were rare pieces
his tongue moved different ways
Spazzing her spine
Showing her breathless eys.
She loved her creature with slaps
Clawing out 1st layers of skin
Pulls of hair calming the screams.

He bit down on the blade
More sanguine spilled
But now from her thigh.
She smiled and loved watching
his face dig in her lushes skin
Splashing pink bits with theeth.
Now he was exciting standing
Soaked in her perfume placed
A hand under her chin changed
His tone to soft pressure of