Coffee made ramblings

by Mark

Oddly enough without realizing it I had two poems one in my phone the other in my journal both with a line about coffee and blackheads. I’ve either been drinking a lot of coffee or just forgetting that I used an idea before.Hope you enjoy.

Malted milk balls and coffee grinds.
Mix the sediments on the face
Let them exhume the blackheads
Which sleep on the nose.
She did it bitterly with black-bread
And beer biting off red contours from
Her cheeks.
The couple try to be accepted
But locked in latex lust clipping the nails
So both can finger without unwanted guests
Leaving themselves in personal places.
Man of awkward provisions. Woman
Of freak show sights. This not
a Disney tale but
one of Grimm’s
with decapitated endings.
Yet, their home was filled with ardor
And sex. Violently filled with
Sensually juices which suffocated
Outside judgments leaving them
In matrimony.

Grind whole bean coffee.
Place in coffee tin.
Set stove till percolation pops.
It’s so right you forget blackhead
Imperfections, body not bold but
Everything feels right
you Want to taste
and hold
But burn time ain’t right
Wait and coddle, convert
Wrongs to right. It’s what we do
When ingredients right.