I loved her

by Mark

I’m still trying to get my partner to send me some of her new stuff, but she has had a busy summer and hasn’t gotten around to it yet. So, to keep the bad writing going I have this new poem to share.This poem comes from an idea I have for a story I’m sort of writing. Since the YouTube grammar lessons I’ve been watching have not fixed my inadequate grammar yet, Ill just stick with poems and spare the world my lack of sentence construction. Hope you enjoy it.

Her eyes, damped with Vinegar.
The pungent force stings; striping
paint from my ducts to clipping
nails off my toes.

But I loved her, as
she puckered and saliva
splattered, and slipped in
silence off my left eye lid.

No anger agitating my fibers
just a love causing vibrations.
Went close for the caress
caught with the hook.

It’s Mayweather procession
popping me bloated,
even cause the eye to
butterfly a bit.

But still I loved her…
Loathed these ways,
Tackling her in benevolent

But you weren’t paying attention
To story at hand.

Her wretchedness let me in,
Induced me to the ground
With a quick slash, as she atop
Severing ear right quick.

It just dangled.
My slice of salami
Fresh tossed right
Onto parchment paper.

She gave me the bed
Bathed me below, with
Tequila drips straight to the hole
Sterile was, for moons days.

But still I loved her…
And vasectomy was on the mind
Fathering children should have
Been banned for I.

The fluids amalgamated on the bed
Formed monstrous odors.
It was mud monster married to
Sewer creatures washed in castor oil.

Yet in the bed we stayed,
Have you paid attention?

I still was left with fingers
For my hands, and my lips.
the lips we both had.

That was all we needed.
We’re married
Have two kids
Bernice and Ernest.

by Him