by Mark

A friend implored me for a bedtime style story. Not knowing any bedtime stories, I attempted to recite one on the spot. After five minutes of hopeless ruin of the oral tradition, I was begged to stop. A part of me wanted to put together a decent story together. I have not written anything besides poetry for five years since, mainly because the concepts of grammar fail me and do not want to put anyone through the vast editing it would require. On my train ride to work the next day instead of reading my book I typed out this little story, and I share it out not because it is great but because it was fun to write and may start me to write some more fiction.

Hope you enjoy…

Up north where the snow drifts all year live the elves. Before Santa came in the picture, the elves lived joyous lives; filled with playtime and jokes. They were not known for hard work and toy building like today, but snowball fights and pin the candy can on the deer antlers.

There was one elf who was a little off; her name was Tzippora. She actually enjoyed reading, working and building toys instead of playing games. Her mother Sonam and father Laurie were well known in the north as the biggest pranksters around. They even caused the avalanche of year 12 with their gaiety rope dance. Sonam and Laurie were disappointed that their daughter couldn’t live up to their ways, but they always encouraged Tzippora even if they didn’t understand.

The rest of the northern Elves were not so understanding calling her derogatory names like hula hopper, frankin danger and worst of all human. It wasn’t easy for Tzippora to make friends, especially since there was no school to make them. She was not invited to snowball tosses, angel contests, or any dance offs. Instead, she made human toys, gave them names and befriend them.

Laurie wanted her to make some friends and would often hide her creations when he invited his friends for chocolate tosses. But, Tzippora would just leave into the forest and write in the snow. Once a boy named Jedediah saw her and asked her if he can help, but she didn’t say a word to him. She wasn’t rude just not use to other elves actually talking to her usually they would use her to test out new pranks they thought up.

The elves are use to living in the snow and handling the wisps of frost jack sent them. But one day the snow just kept falling, one day of snow turned into a week which went to a month, which became the whole year. The elves were losing their minds; no pranks to play, dances to have or chocolate to eat. But not Tzippora, she had her toys, stories and work to pass the time. Jedediah saw this and decided just to join her one day; he didn’t ask just sat and started to paint. After a while Sonam joined, then Laurie and days later the whole north were building and playing with toys. Tzippora became a hit in the town

When the snow ended, the elves went back to their old ways and forgot Tzippora. But not Jedediah, he stayed with Tzippora making toys reading stories and playing. They eventually got married and had children who they passed on their ways too. And when that jolly Nick guy came to town it was the children of Tzippora and Jedediah who he went looking for, but that’s another story.

by Him