What is a name

by Mark

I am fascinated about names and symbols, and why names are chosen for people and objects. It could be because I often forget people’s name and then play it off I like I remember it. My go to is act like I know the name till someone else says it; it has a small success rate. I became extremely interested in names and signs during an intro to semiotics course. According to the class, a “sign” or name has no intrinsic value; their value comes from the difference it creates from other signs. To get a better understanding on the topic I ‘d recommended reading up on Ferdinand de Saussure. My purpose is bad poetry and below I wrote two which play off this idea of names.

After this I will forget your name.
It will upset you, but why?
Your name was not a choice just
A dart daggered into development
others chose to cling on skin.

I’ll remember the prickles of your hair
as it hangs stoically swimming
In my ear. How your clothes covered
toes tinted And honeysuckle
bloomed from your skin.

Lullabies leaked from your tongue
Willingly to my world
Expression and movements
Meeting your personality with mine.
Choices made evoked details setting your scenery.

So I already forgot your name,
ember too weak to spark my brain.
But, forgetting you. ..Well gold-fish
wouldn’t know how.

Monkey Cousin

Monkey Cousin

Capuchin monkey.
Primate cebidae,
Classified cebus and sapajus.

Capuchin, I know your name;
Bestowed by intellects and well thinkers
Painting way for human understanding
Undermining your natural colors.

Capuchin will you let me know you?
Free from Friends, Ace and Jones
Let me, be part of your brain:
Larger body to mind than any before.

Living on tops of trees,
Do your toes embrace the bark?
Does your heart skip beats
when eyes,
Avert to eagles sights?
Or do they rise with spear in hand?
Sparing no insect insight
Leonidas of your branch;
Monk of the forest
With hats of black.
Yet you vary from tree and time
Darwin did explain,
But I ask you?

Held as pet by us,
Away from you mothers mouth
Where food is abound.
Dress you like children
Prancing around the state fair.
Do you even like this?
Or rather traverse the branches,
Children on your back
Commune by your side.

Capuchin monkey;
All I know is your name.
Not what your eyes see,
How your feet free
through trees,
What are your dreams?
As, you’re sprawled, limbs and tails
I want, to know you Capuchin;
Will you take me?

by: Him