Red Uranium

by Mark

I’ve become interested in evolving my poetry to create a story. So I’ve been writing with ideas already in my mind trying to create a story line. I hope this will help me develop the ability to write longer pieces that have more to chew on. This piece I present was inspired by Keats’ “La Belle Dame sans Merci.” It was the idea of this Knight standing alone revisiting a moment, which drew my inspiration for this one. Hopefully, the story aspect is evident.

Left on the train yard yawning
Moisture free card of tears
Staring at crumbs of the cereal left
At the bottom. How to pour it without the spill?

Speculate at the chest cavity
Thinker at what’s there. Rub the
Alcohol, taste the scalpel.
It’s compressed air blowing stubble into
small cuts and slits with Jack’s subtleness.

Third rail takes your system for flight
Scalpel dances on chest
it’s Kwan on ice.
Clean routine.
Remove the cap place aside
with what was before preserved
With the salt eyes.

Where is mothers work? No red nectar
Transporting to palpitating vessels
supporting your organic creation.
Just android links Dr. Gero raises for
Circuits embroidered
around sliced uranium core
Screaming psychology needed
Explaining you’re single soul left alone.

You want the other half
But not the Tesla of this breaker.
Better you’re unaccompanied
to unstable for tethered feelings
malfunctioning your core
oppressing the opposites.

Just wait…remember that full bowl;
slurp it’s memories, marinate it’s taste,
Till next train picks up.

– By Him